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Juicy like mom
Juicy like mom

Sequence of author: Silver edition(№1005)

Juicy like mom

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Juicy like mom CHAPTER ONE Betty Carter's hot cunt was creaming with excitement as the woman thought about the delicious big cock that would be ploughing into her juicy slit this afternoon. Going to bed with Frank Williams was a lot more than just another fuck. He always took his time and slowly and tenderly brought Betty up to the boiling point before filling her cunt with his huge talented cock. Her snatch was bubbling with hot juices as she thought about the way his skilled cock carried her from one glorious orgasm to the next. The only problem with Frank Williams was the fact that he only came through town about once a month, and Betty wanted his cock every day. Betty had met him about a year ago when he came into the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. He asked her to go out with him when she got off work that evening, and she spent the most glorious night of her life in his hotel room. Since that first time, he always called...