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Making the neighbors
Making the neighbors

Sequence of author: Silver edition(№1014)

Making the neighbors

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Making the neighbors CHAPTER ONE Duane Warfield's big thick cock was glistening like wet marble as Brenda's juicy tongue lovingly licked the entire surface of its hardness. The handsome man was reclining on his back, hands behind his head while his naked wife was on her belly between his widely-spread legs, licking and sucking on his throbbing dick. Except for fucking, there was nothing in the world that Brenda enjoyed more than sucking her husband's cock, or any other cock she could get her hands on. "Jesus Christ!" he moaned when she stuffed his big cockhead back in her mouth. "You can really suck a cock." "That's cause I love 'em so much," she whispered between sucks. "Are you gonna give me a nice big mouthful of cum?" "You're not shitting," he grinned. "I'm gonna squirt you the juiciest load you've ever tasted." Duane was ten years older than Brenda, and he had been one of her high-school teachers when she married him right...