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Hot pants wife
Hot pants wife

Sequence of author: Silver edition(№1016)

Hot pants wife

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Hot pants wife CHAPTER ONE Following the beautiful woman through the house, Michael Turner couldn't take his eyes away from her shapely bare legs. Wearing nothing but a halter and white shorts, her tight ass was really something to behold. Looking at the woman's long red hair flowing down her back, Michael Turner's cock was throbbing frantically in his pants. God, how he'd love to ram his stiff prick up her hot pussy. Michael Turner was dying to ram his cock up any pussy. Married to his beautiful blonde wife for less than six months, the man was filled with unbelievable frustrations. As a real-estate salesman of thirty, Michael now realized how foolish he'd been to marry eighteen-year-old Karyn. She was beautiful and vivacious, and Michael had fallen madly in love with the girl when she first came into the real-estate office with her parents. They were married a month later and that was when his frustrations began. Karyn was an...