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The preachers family
The preacher_s family

Sequence of author: Triumph books(№1033)

The preacher_s family

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd The preacher_s family CHAPTER ONE Jill Baxter, a pretty girl with shoulder-length brown hair, was slouched in a deep cushioned chair, her slim tanned legs spread out on the floor. Staring off into space, her index finger was absently tracing circles around her dimpled navel, punctuating her lovely flat stomach that was so deliciously exposed between her cut-off hip-huggers and her amply filled halter. Jill Baxter was a picture of innocent beauty, but her hot cunt was dripping with juices of passion. Her aunt had been aflame with excitement since the conversation with her friend, Betty, earlier that day. Although neither girl had ever had any real sexual experiences, sex was always their main subject of conversation, but this afternoon's conversation had been something different. Betty had told her about a really wild thing that had happened to her during a recent trip to her aunt and uncle's home. Betty had told Jill how her older cousin...