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Hot awesome family
Hot awesome family

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Hot awesome family

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Hot awesome family Chapter 1 The bus lumbered down the highway, picking up speed as it approached the ocean. It was almost midnight and most of the passengers were sleeping. Dawn Forester and her husband Ronnie were wide awake and holding hands. Married barely an hour, they were too excited to sleep. They had long ago removed the barrier separating their seats. Now Dawn nestled in her husband's arms. It felt blissful to be held. Neither could resist a few kisses. Anyway, who could see them in the dark? They had met a week before and married three days later. Ronnie was an unemployed actor, Dawn was a fledging actress, and they had met at an actors' workshop. Now they were traveling to Dawn's family home so Ronnie could meet her parents. They were young, broke and in love. They didn't mind having to express their love on a cross-country bus. Ronnie kissed her gently and rubbed her back. "I'd like to take your bra off, hon." "Do we dare?" Ronnie glanced around....

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