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Teachers little helpers
Teacher_s little helpers

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Teacher_s little helpers

Kathy Andrews

Erotic, Sex

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Kathy Andrews Teacher_s little helpers CHAPTER ONE Karen Shone leaned against the rough trunk of the tall tree, gazing at the clear water of the lake. The sun was overhead, sending heat against her body. It was August, and she had two more weeks of her vacation left, then it would be back to the city, back to the school, back to the students. Karen was a very good teacher, but her interest was not as deep as it should be. All her life she had wanted to be a teacher, and now she was. Yet something was missing. She knew what it was, but there was nothing she could do about it. She was lonely. Lonely for a sexual relationship. There was no doubt that she could establish such a relationship with any number of men, married or single. Many had made passes at her, but she rebuffed them. Karen had a peculiar desire, a desire that burned like molten fire in the depths of her stomach. Her pussy throbbed and quivered constantly, her clit sensitive...