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Swinging family
Swinging family

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Swinging family

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Swinging family CHAPTER ONE It was a warm afternoon in late May and Debbie Wise was strolling along the beach. The young blonde's mother had passed away when she was quite young, and she and her older brother, Dean, had been raised by their father, a very wealthy and influential land developer in the community. Not having a mother, and being alone with her older brother so much during her childhood, Debbie had a strong affection for the handsome youth. She had missed him terribly when he went away to college, and now, walking along the beach, she was so happy that he'd be coming home for the summer in a few days. Thinking about her nineteen-year-old brother, Debbie vividly recalled that day last summer when she caught him jacking off. Instead of him getting angry at her for peeking, he invited her to stroke his hard cock while he explained how boys had to relieve themselves on occasion. By the time he'd left for college the following...