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The family outing
The family outing

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The family outing

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen The family outing CHAPTER ONE Nineteen-year-old Angie Cameron's pussy was getting wet as she peered breathlessly through the peephole into the adjoining bedroom. It was a lazy, hot afternoon in July, and Angie's mother and stepfather were obviously getting ready to fuck. Angie's heart pounded as she squinted through the tiny hole in the wall. Joe Cameron was all man – a hairy brute built like an ape. His lust never seemed satisfied. He was in his prime, all solid muscle and bone and thick, throbbing cock. He was an animal and Angie was wild about him. Melanie and Dustin, Angie's sister and stepbrother, were out on the lake in a boat. Angie prayed they would stay there. Watching her mother and Daddy Joe was something too good to miss! Joe had rented the old house on the lake for the summer. This was really their first time together as a family since Joe and Grace had been married two months before. Angie had discovered the...

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