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After class with teacher
After class with teacher

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After class with teacher

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen After class with teacher CHAPTER ONE "I'm horny as hell, honey, let's fuck!" Gloria Maitland pressed up against her husband as she moaned hotly in his ear. She felt the bulge in Frank's crotch pushing into her belly, and she strained against it. They had just returned home from a church group social and she was keyed up from meeting so many new people. Frank grunted and yawned, scratching his crotch. Gloria wasn't surprised. They hardly ever fucked anymore. Most of the time when they did she had to practically beg him for it. Sometimes she thought she'd go crazy for need of a hard cock in her pussy! Frank was a terrific guy, and she loved him, but he didn't have much of a sex drive lately. She knew if she expected any action she'd have to turn him on. She turned to him and rubbed her pointed tits against his chest. Her nipples immediately became hard. Well, even if she wasn't turning him on, she was sure turning herself on! She...

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