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I saw Mommy kissing
I saw Mommy kissing…

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I saw Mommy kissing…

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane I saw Mommy kissing… CHAPTER ONE Catherine Weatherby wondered if her daughter was getting fucked. The girl was out on a date and it was after midnight. It was the sort of thing that a mother wondered about. Catherine wasn't worried, however. She loved fucking, herself. She assumed that her daughter would inherit her sexual inclinations, but she wasn't sure if the girl had started fucking yet, or was still a virgin. Catherine didn't care. In fact, it made her horny to imagine the girl getting fucked with a big, hard prick. She liked to think about it. She liked to play with her pussy while she thought about her daughter getting fucked, in all the graphic detail her imagination could supply. She thought about it now. Catherine was in bed with her husband, Robert. Robert was asleep. Didn't he wonder why their daughter, Joanne, was not tome yet? She wondered if her husband, too, liked to think about the girl getting fucked....

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