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Moms incest orgy
Mom_s incest orgy

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Mom_s incest orgy

Kathy Andrews

Erotic, Sex

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Kathy Andrews Mom_s incest orgy CHAPTER ONE Susan Walker leaned against the wall, her knees bent and spread wide apart. The boy standing next to her, Burt, was holding his cock and brushing the dripping head around her nipple, smearing his slippery pre-cum all over the creamy surface of her tit. She didn't mind: she loved it. The hot smoothness of his cock sent shivers up and down her spine. A few feet in front of her was Sissy, her young daughter. Sissy was on her knees, her head lying on the carpet with her cute, rounded little ass arching high into the air. Behind her, on his knees, was Gary. Gary lived next door and was the same age as Sissy. He was holding the girl's hips tightly, pumping his throbbing hard cock vigorously into her very tight, extremely hot, almost hairless young cunt. Lying on his back on the couch was Jay, Susan's son. Jay had his hands on the creamy cheeks of Judy's sweet-looking ass. His face was buried in her cunt,...