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Horny voyeur schoolgirls
Horny voyeur schoolgirls

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Horny voyeur schoolgirls

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Horny voyeur schoolgirls CHAPTER ONE Linda Devereaux was quite surprised when she found out that Tina Johnson sucked cocks on a first date. Both girls were in the same class at school, but they didn't really know each other all that well, and so it came as something of a revelation to Linda, who had never sucked a single cock in her life. The girls had been talking outside school that afternoon when two older high school boys had joined them. Linda had been flattered and excited at receiving the attentions of Clyde, who was the quarterback on the school football team and considered quite a catch. And Tina had seemed interested in Mike, who had his own car. The boys, in turn, had showed definite interest in the girls. Both girls were sexy, but in different fashions. Linda was a nubile blonde with a bouncy, pneumatic sort of body. She had plump tits that thrust out saucily against her sweater and a well-packed ass, shaped like a...

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