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Mom peeps on the neighbors
Mom peeps on the neighbors

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Mom peeps on the neighbors

Kathy Andrews

Erotic, Sex

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Kathy Andrews Mom peeps on the neighbors CHAPTER ONE Susan Fox saw her son looking out the window. She had come past his room and looked in, and there he was. She had seen him looking out the third-floor apartment window a couple of times before, and she knew what he saw. After watching his intent face for a moment, she went to her room. From there, she could look almost directly down into the enclosed patio where the girl was. As before, the girl was lying there naked, her pink nipples standing up on the white mounds of her tits. The dark triangle of her cunt was clearly visible. Although an open magazine rested over the girl's face, Susan knew it was a beautiful face; she had seen the girl often, spoken to her, greeted her. Mary, a sweet name, an innocent name, Susan thought. And at the same time, a bit old-fashioned. Not many girls were named Mary any more. And Mary was just about twenty or twenty-one. The name, which suggested sweet...