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Hot daughter, hotter Mom
Hot daughter, hotter Mom

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Hot daughter, hotter Mom

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Hot daughter, hotter Mom CHAPTER ONE It was after nine-thirty on a Saturday morning, and Lisa Strong was lying naked on her bed. The top sheet was kicked down and her bare knees were drawn back almost to her gigantic tits while her middle finger was fucking in the hot moistness of her super-horny pussy. The beautiful woman's long hair was cascading over the pillow as her half-closed eyes stared dreamily into space. She was having visions of big hard cocks and hairy balls. With her fingers moving around sensuously in her dripping hot cunt, Lisa was fantasizing about plump hard pricks. Since the first time she'd been fucked at a tender age, Lisa's consuming interest in fucking had grown more intense with every year and now, in her mid-thirties, cocks had become an obsession with the beautiful divorcee. She'd been knocked up when she was a teenager and, after a hurried wedding, she gave birth to her son, Matt, who was now eighteen. A few...