Ghost Dance
Ghost Dance

ISBN: 9780879975012
Year of publication: 1979

Ghost Dance

John Norman

Alternative history

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Ghost Dance By John Norman Chapter One Old Bear rode alone. Not moving his hands on the nose rope of his pony he let the animal take his own pace, biting at the grass when it would, not hurrying. He rode the north bank of the Grand River, keeping with it as it wound its muddy trail through the dried grass and brush of Standing Rock. It was right that Old Bear should ride alone, for his ride, his quest, was holy, and its meaning lay between himself and Wakan-Tonka, the Mystery. And it was right that he should ride this Sunday morning, as he did each Sunday morning, for this was the medicine day of the white man, and Wakan-Tonka had favored the white man and on this day his ear might be open, did he care to listen any longer to the medicine song of one of his forgotten children. Old Bear did not see well these days and the clouds of the blue sky blurred into a mist that was like the roiling of the blizzard when it is first seen over...

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