The Chieftan
The Chieftan

ISBN: 9780446361491
Year of publication: 1991
Sequence of author: Telnarian histories(№1)
Sequence of publisher: The telnarian histories

The Chieftan

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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The Chieftain (The Telnarian Histories, Book 1) by John Norman This book is dedicated to all who disapprove of blacklisting. PROLOGUE “In this year war was carried on with the Aatii.” — The Annals. The above entry is not untypical of the dark and troubled times to which I should like, in what follows, to devote my attention. I suppose one might distinguish between history and chronicle, though the distinction must surely be one of grades, or shades, rather than of kinds, for there is seldom a history which does not clearly contain chronicle, nor a chronicle which does not, at least implicitly, recount a history. We do not know, incidentally, who kept the Annals. Quite possibly they were set down by a succession of individuals, men who occupied remote, fortified places, places within which the most precious of the treasures of Telnaria might be kept safe, the ability to read and write. “In this year...

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