The Captain
The Captain

ISBN: 9780446362542
Year of publication: 1992
Sequence of author: Telnarian histories(№2)
Sequence of publisher: The telnarian histories

The Captain

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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The Captain (The Telnarian Histories, Book 2) by John Norman This book is dedicated to all who disapprove of censorship. PROLOGUE “And then the ships departed, leaving behind them ashes.” -The Annals. Again I have chosen to begin with an excerpt from the Annals. It is an excerpt not untypical of the dark and troubled times. One who has lived in, or knows only, times of sheep will find it difficult to understand times of wolves. In this account is continued a story, drawn from the dark and troubled times. The dark and troubled times were times of wolves. Again, it must be clearly kept in mind that I do not write to edify or instruct, nor to praise or blame, nor even, really, to explain, or understand. I am not sure, you see, what are the criteria for understanding, how I might, so to speak, know if I understood, or only thought I understood, and perhaps did not really understand. Who can...

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