The King
The King

ISBN: 9780446362405
Year of publication: 1993
Sequence of author: Telnarian histories(№3)
Sequence of publisher: The telnarian histories

The King

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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The King (The Telnarian Histories, Book 3) by John Norman This book is dedicated to all who approve of, and welcome, and celebrate, the liberty and glory of the human imagination. PROLOGUE “And there were wolves in the land.” -The Annals “Let us laugh with steel.” -An Otung Saying “Let us see if there are men here.” -A Drisriak Challenge “The laurel is unpicked; We have forgotten the festivals; The laurel is unpicked; The statues are broken; The limbs of the gods lie in the dust; The holy places are defiled; The temples are in ruins. The laurel is unpicked; It has died upon the branch; The tree is dead; It is winter; It grows cold. Night has fallen upon the empire.” -Alarion “I have heard the drums; I have seen the riders on the hill; The breath of their horses is like fire; Their hoofs are like thunder; On their arms the sun blazes; The lords...

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