Time Slave
Time Slave

ISBN: 9780879972042
Year of publication: 1975

Time Slave

John Norman

Alternative history

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Time Slave by John Norman 1 Herjellsen’s device was deceptively simple. Had he not been insane, had he not been an isolate, lonely, scorned, maddened, dissociated and crazed, the uniqueness, the simplicity of it, would doubtless not have occurred to him. It was irrational. It was as irrational as existence, that there should be such. The void was rational, space, emptiness. That there should be anything, gods or particles, that was the madness. That there should be anything, that was the madness. Dr. B. Hamilton, mathematician, Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, looked up, fingering the pencil. It seemed startling, wondrous, that it should be. As wondrous as suns and stars, the passage of light, and the slow turnings in the night of luminous galaxies. Who could have predicted that there should be being? From what discursive statements of initial conditions and laws should such a prediction follow? And in the nothingness...

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