Vagabonds of Gor
Vagabonds of Gor

ISBN: 9780886771881
Year of publication: 1987
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№24)

Vagabonds of Gor

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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VAGABONDS OF GOR (Volume twenty-four in the Chronicles of Counter-Earth) by John Norman 1 A Female Slave "You were once the Lady Temione, were you not?" I inquired. "Yes, Master," she said, lifting her head a little from the dirt, where, before me, in the camp of Cos, on the south bank of the Vosk, north of Holmesk, she knelt, head down, the palms of her hands on the ground. "Lie on your right side before me," I said, "extending your left leg." She did so. In this way, the bit of silk she wore fell to the right, displaying the line of her hip, thigh and calf. I saw the brand, tiny and tasteful, yet unmistakable, fixed in her thigh, high, under the hip. It was the common kajira brand, the staff and fronds, beauty subject to discipline, worn by most female slaves on Gor. She had the toes of the left leg pointed, lusciously curving the calf. I saw that she had had some training. "You may resume your original position," I said. She returned...

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