Fighting Slave of Gor
Fighting Slave of Gor

ISBN: 9780879975227
Year of publication: 1980
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№14)

Fighting Slave of Gor

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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FIGHTING SLAVE OF GOR (Volume Fourteen of the Chronicles of Counter Earth) by John Norman Chapter 1 - THE RESTAURANT; THE CAB "May I speak to you intimately, Jason?" she asked. "Of course, Beverly," I said. We sat at a small table, in a corner booth. The small restaurant is located on 128th Street. A candle burned on the table, set in a small container. The linen was white, the silver soft and lustrous in the candlelight. She seemed distracted. I had never seen her like this. Normally she was intellectual, prim, collected and cool. She looked at me. We were not really close friends. We were more in the nature of acquaintances. I did not understand why she had asked me to meet her at the restaurant. "It was kind of you to come," she said. "I was pleased to do so," I said. Beverly Henderson was twenty-two years old and a graduate student in English literature at one of the major universities in the New York City area. I, too,...

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