Slave Girl Of Gor
Slave Girl Of Gor

ISBN: 9780879972851
Year of publication: 1977
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№11)

Slave Girl Of Gor

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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SLAVE GIRL OF GOR (Volume eleven of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth) by John Norman Chapter 1 The Collar I lay in the warm grass. I could feel it, the warm, individual green blades, separate, gentle, on my left cheek; I could feel them on my body, my stomach and thighs. I stretched my body, my toes. I was sleepy. I did not wish to awaken. The sun was warm on my back, even hot, almost uncomfortable. I snuggled deeper into the grass. My left hand was extended. My fingers touched the warm dirt between the grass blades. My eyes were closed. I resisted the coming of consciousness. I did not wish to emerge from bed. Consciousness seemed to come slowly, dimly. I did not wish to emerge from bed. I wished to prolong the warmth, the pleasantness. I moved my head, slightly. My neck seemed to wear a weight; I heard the soft clink, a tiny stirring, of heavy links of metal. I did not understand this. I moved my head again, sleepily, eyes closed, to its...

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