Marauders of Gor
Marauders of Gor

ISBN: 9780879971601
Year of publication: 1975
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№9)

Marauders of Gor

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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MARAUDERS OF GOR (Volume nine in the Chronicles of Counter-Earth) by John Norman Chapter 1 - THE HALL I sat alone in the great hall, in the darkness, in the Captain's Chair. The walls of stone, some five feet in thickness, formed of large blocks, loomed about me. Before me, over the long, heavy table behind which I sat, I could see the large tiles of the hall floor. The table was now dark, and bare. No longer was it set with festive yellow and scarlet cloths, woven in distant Tor: no longer did it bear the freight of plates of silver from the mines of Tharna, nor of cunningly wrought goblets of gold from the smithies of luxurious Turia, Ar of the south. It was long since I had tasted the fiery paga of the Sa-Tarna fields north of the Vosk. Now, even the wines from the vineyards of Ar seemed bitter to me. I looked up, at the narrow apertures in the wall to my right. Through them I could see certain of the stars of Gor, in the tarn-black sky. ...

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