Assassin of Gor
Assassin of Gor

ISBN: 9780345294173
Year of publication: 1970
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№5)

Assassin of Gor

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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ASSASSIN OF GOR (Volume five of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth) by John Norman 1 — KUURUS Kuurus, of the Caste of Assassins, crouched on the crest of the small hill, leaning with both hands on the shaft of his spear, looking down into the shallow valley, waiting. He would not yet be welcome. In the distance he could see the white walls, and some of the towers of the city of Ko-ro-ba, which was being rebuilt. It is an old word in Gorean, Ko-ro-ba, meaning a village market, though few considered its archaic meaning. Kuurus looked on the city. It had once been destroyed by Priest-Kings, but now it was being rebuilt. Kuurus was not much interested in such matters. His was the Caste of Assassins. He had been called to this place. In the early part of the eighth Gorean hour the distant white walls took the sun and blazed like light in the green hills. The Towers of the Morning, thought Kuurus, the Towers of the Morning. The Assassin shifted a bit and...

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