Tarnsman of Gor
Tarnsman of Gor

ISBN: 9780345295644
Year of publication: 1966
Sequence of author: Chronicles of counter-earth(№1)

Tarnsman of Gor

John Norman

Epic science fiction

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TARNSMAN OF GOR (Volume one of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth) by John Norman Chapter 1 A Handful of Earth MY NAME Is TARL CABOT. The name is supposed to have been shortened in the fifteenth century from the Italian surname Caboto. As far as I know, however, I have no connection with the Venetian explorer who carried the banner of Henry VII to the New World. Such a connection seems unlikely for a number of reasons, among them the fact that my people were simple tradesmen of Bristol, and uniformly fair — complexioned and topped with a blaze of the most outrageous red hair. Nonetheless, such coincidences, even if they are only geographical, linger in family memory — our small challenge to the ledgers and arithmetic of an existence measured in bolts of cloth sold. I like to think there may have been a Cabot in Bristol, one of us, who watched our Italian namesake weigh anchor in the early morning of that second of May, 1497. You may remark my...

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