For Love and Glory
For Love and Glory

ISBN: 9780312874490
Year of publication: 2003

For Love and Glory

Poul Anderson

Science fiction

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For Love and Glory by Poul Anderson TO GEOFF KIDD for help above and beyond the call of friendship ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A dozen years ago, the late Isaac Asimov created a science fictional cosmos to serve as a narrative background for other writers. It was interesting to see how differently they handled it while trying to stay consistent with the premises. I contributed to two of the ISAAC’S UNIVERSE volumes, The Diplomacy Guild (1990) and Phases in Chaos (1991). Now Janet Asimov and editor Martin Greenberg have graciously given me leave to incorporate these stories in an independent novel. It has turned out independent indeed. The concept of several intelligent spacefaring species, who come upon relics of unknown predecessors, is still there, but that is scarcely unique in our literature. Otherwise little remains except that pair of episodes, much altered. To avoid conflict with anything in the original series or constraining any future...

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