The Girl Who Disappeared Twice
The Girl Who Disappeared Twice


The Girl Who Disappeared Twice

Andrea Kane


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Andrea Kane The Girl Who Disappeared Twice © 2011 To Freddy, the heroic FBI Tactical Canine Dog who was killed in the line of duty. Thank you for protecting our country. I hope my bloodhound, Hero, is a fitting tribute to you and all the other brave service dogs like you. PROLOGUE Westchester County, New York Summer, thirty-two years ago When six-year-old Felicity Akerman went to bed that night, she had no idea that life as she knew it was about to change forever. She settled under the light cotton blanket and put her head on the pillow, her long blond hair tied back in a ponytail because of the heat. She was wearing her favorite short-sleeve nightshirt with the bright orange soccer balls on it. She had to wear it tonight. It was like a gold star on a perfect spelling test. A prize. A big win. That’s what today’s game had been. The doctor hadn’t been too sure about letting her play. Neither had her mom and dad. But she’d talked them into it, and gotten the okay she was...