ISBN: 0441005144
Year of publication: 1994
Sequence of author: Caliban(№2)


Isaac Asimov
Roger MacBride Allen

Science fiction

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Isaac Asimov, Roger MacBride Allen Inferno For Isaac Acknowledgments I wish to thank the many people who helped this book come into being. Thanks to my editor, David Harris, for catching gaffes, large and small, in the first draft, and generally keeping me honest. Thanks to John Betancourt, and Leigh Grossman of Byron Preiss Visual Publications for keeping me as informed as possible about the state of play—and to Byron Preiss for making me diliver. Thanks to Susan Allison, Laura Anne Gilman, and Ginjer Buchanan at Ace Books, for much appreciated advice and encouragement, and a vast supply of undeserved patience. Thanks to Eleanore Fox, who put up with a great deal of typing on the premises when I should have been helping her explore London. Thanks to my parents, Tom and Scottie Allen, who have always provided me with both familial and editorial support. But needless to say, thanks most of all to Isaac Asimov, to whom this book is dedicated....

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