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Moms golden shower fun
Mom_s golden shower fun

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Mom_s golden shower fun

Kathy Andrews

Erotic, Sex

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Kathy Andrews Mom_s golden shower fun CHAPTER ONE Barbara peeked out the window of her bedroom, watching as Cindy squatted near the fence. Cindy's shorts were pulled to one side, along with her panties; her pink little cunt was showing and she was looking down between her thighs at it. Cindy's soft sigh came through the screen, bringing Barbara's eyes back to her. The golden stream of hot piss was splashing onto the grass and Cindy looked as if she felt a great relief. This was the second time Barbara had seen the little girl pissing there. And, just like the first time, it excited her. It was not necessarily watching her piss, although that was exciting, too, it excited her to see that succulent young cunt, the pink lips, the very tip of Cindy's tiny clit. There was something appealing about Cindy's cunt, something that created a deep, hot reaction inside Barbara. As she watched, her nipples distended into swollen tips, and there was a...