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Kathy Andrews
Mom_s golden shower fun


Barbara peeked out the window of her bedroom, watching as Cindy squatted near the fence.

Cindy's shorts were pulled to one side, along with her panties; her pink little cunt was showing and she was looking down between her thighs at it.

Cindy's soft sigh came through the screen, bringing Barbara's eyes back to her. The golden stream of hot piss was splashing onto the grass and Cindy looked as if she felt a great relief. This was the second time Barbara had seen the little girl pissing there. And, just like the first time, it excited her. It was not necessarily watching her piss, although that was exciting, too, it excited her to see that succulent young cunt, the pink lips, the very tip of Cindy's tiny clit. There was something appealing about Cindy's cunt, something that created a deep, hot reaction inside Barbara.

As she watched, her nipples distended into swollen tips, and there was a tingling pleasure between her thighs. She felt her pussy becoming moist as she watched. The first time, her response had not been this great. But today, she was responding with an almost-unbearable urge to squeeze her cunt.

Cindy was still gazing between her slim thighs as she pissed, her finger hooked into the crotch of her shorts and panties, but still she was getting wet. Cindy didn't seem to mind. Once, she lifted her lovely little face, almost as if she could see Barbara watching her. Her blue eyes were half closed yet a sparkle could be seen in them. Her pouty lips were half parted. Then Cindy dipped her head again, watching as she pissed.

Barbara sensed Cindy enjoyed pissing. There was something about her eyes, the expression on her face. The pleasure Cindy received from pissing wasn't all due to relief, Barbara suspected. Cindy needed to achieve some kind of sexual pleasure by pissing. And in public, or semi-public! Maybe she enjoyed pissing in private, too.

Barbara had never particularly enjoyed taking a piss. It had been something she had to do, but it was not particularly something that turned her on. Still, watching Cindy piss was doing something to her, something delicious. Her cunt became hot and wet. Her clit tingled and began to swell. She slipped a hand downward, pressing it into her dress, pressing hard upon her cunt as she watched. The tip of her clit pressed against her pylon panties, the feeling sending a ripple through her tall, slender body.

Cindy finished pissing, sending a final squirt into the grass. She adjusted her panties and shorts and she was getting to her feet.

Barbara saw her son, Bobby, stepping into view. Cindy was now on her feet, but there was a moist spot on the crotch of her shorts. The little girl flashed a half-shy smile at Bobby, nodding her head. The two ponytails in her blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight.

"I don't know why you won't go inside," Bobby said. "My mother won't mind."

"I don't want to bother her," Cindy said, her shy, sweet voice sounding almost musical. "I don't mind doing it out here. You didn't hear me, did you?"

"No," Bobby replied.

"I got my shorts wet," Cindy pointed out. Barbara thought that was strange. Why would Cindy call attention to that? Any other girl would be embarrassed, but Cindy didn't show it at all.

Barbara thought she knew the reason.

Cindy wanted Bobby to see her wet shorts. And if she wanted Bobby to see that, what else did she want Bobby to see? Barbara watched the young girl with a different eye, seeing something in the girl that she had not seen before. Apparently Bobby didn't know what Cindy was hinting at.

As the two went around the building, Barbara stepped from the window, her mind whirling with what she had learned. She sat on her large bed, elbows on her knees, chin cupped in her hands, thinking. The more she thought, the more excited she became. She kept seeing Cindy's succulent cunt, the golden piss flowing from it.

Lying back, Barbara threw one arm over her forehead, allowing her other hand to move about her body. She was only half aware that she was caressing one of her tits. Her palm rolled the rigid nipple about beneath her dress; making it grow harder. Digging her fingers into the firm, spongy shape, Barbara squeezed. With her eyes closed, seeing Cindy squatting and pissing, the sugary pink lips of her cunt, Barbara moved her hand down to her stomach. The muscles there were trembling, and her knees parted.

She worked her fingers lower, pressing them onto her cunt through her dress and panties. Her hips began to twist. She opened her knees, drawing her dress upward. Her thighs were slim and shapely. The flesh was like satin to the touch, and quite warm. Her hands moved beneath her skirt and rested upon the crotch of her panties. Barbara began to mewl softly, rubbing her fingers up and down her panty crotch, feeling the outline of her cunt lips. The heat that came past her nylon panties was a moist heat.

Writhing her hips, she lifted her feet and placed than on the edge of the bed, her knees wide apart. She rubbed at her pantied cunt, her other hand now massaging and squeezing at her tits. She closed her eyes, still seeing Cindy, her young cunt exposed, golden piss spewing from it. Her clit began to swell into a painful knot.

Barbara worked a finger into the tightness of her panty crotch, feeling the silky strands of hair. Pushing her finger farther, she stroked along one puffy cunt lip, and then touched her clit. She rubbed along the side of her clit, feeling it throb. She revolved her hips gently.

So much pleasure could be gotten from touching herself this way, so much pleasure that Barbara wanted to come. The heat in her cunt was growing, the wetness seeping, dripping down toward the crack of her ass. She stroked slowly downward, rubbing the lips of her cunt with a feathery touch. She felt the slit of her pussy, and she wormed her middle finger inside. A soft murmur came from her as her finger slipped deeper in. When it was inside as far as she could get it, Barbara wiggled the tip. Her cunt reacted by closing, tightening around her finger. She shoved her other hand inside her dress, clutching at her firm tit. Moaning softly, she moved her finger in and out of her cunt. Slowly, gently, she finger fucked herself, her hips moving up and down in a fucking motion.

"Ohhh, damn, damn!" Barbara whimpered, pulling her finger from her cunt and almost tearing her panties from her body.

She fondled herself steadily now, stroking her tits and her cunt. She liked playing with her body this way, taking her time, enjoying it.

Time passed without her being aware of it. Bobby came into the house, searching for his mother. He soon found her in her room. Deep with erotic thoughts, Barbara did not realize the door was open.

Bobby almost stumbled into his mother's bedroom before he realized what she was doing. He stopped in his tracks, amazed at what he saw.

Barbara's legs were toward the door. Bobby saw the long thighs, the feet on the edge of the mattress. He saw his mother's cunt in a mass of tangled hair. He saw the pink of her pussy, the glistening wetness of it. He saw the way she was caressing her tits, one hand inside her dress, moving as she fondled and squeezed than. He saw her rounded ass when she lifted it and her hand move through the mat of dark hair, spreading the lips of her cunt. He saw her long clit bulge out.

Bobby's cock became hard, straining inside his pant. His prick was stiff and throbbing. He saw his mother rub her cunt, then she traced the outline of her cunt slit, his eyes opened wide as he watched her slowly slip her middle finger deep inside her cunt, working it in and out.

Barbara, unaware that her son was watching, sighed with pleasure, her ass moving up and down, fucking at her finger.

The wet sounds of finger fucking came to Bobby's ears. His cock surged inside his pants, his balls swelling. His knees trembled with excitement. He felt as if he would come off in his pants, but the feeling was so good, he didn't care if he did. His excitement was enormous as he stood watching his mother. He had never seen anything like it. He had never seen a cunt before – not with all that hair around it. He had peeked when Cindy pissed, but Cindy didn't have hair on her cunt.

Barbara, deep into her erotic reverie, began to twist back and forth while her finger moved in and out of her cunt. She was making soft sounds, moaning and whimpering. Her cunt was very wet, gripping at her finger. Her breathing started to come in hot gasps as she built her excitement by touching and stroking her slender body.

Bobby was holding his breath, afraid to make a sound, afraid to be caught by his mother. His cock was harder than ever, throbbing inside his pants. He pressed his palm against it and almost came. Jerking his hand away, he braced himself against the door, his eyes glassy as he watched his mother finger fucking herself.

Barbara began to pant heavily, driving her finger in and out of her cunt faster. She bounced her ass up and down, twisting and grinding. Jerking her finger from her pussy, she began patting it with her palm. Moist slapping sounds came to Bobby's ears. Barbara rammed a finger into her twat, thrusting deeply a few times, only to start slapping gently again. As her ass danced about in churning pleasure, she clawed one of her tits out of her dress.

Bobby almost choked with pleasure. He saw the creamy shape of her tit, the swollen nipple, light brown in color. He watched his mother pinch her nipple, then twist at it, pull it, stretching it. All the time she alternated patting her cunt and fucking it with a stiff finger.

Barbara lifted her ass high from the bed, twisting it in a tight circle. She was sobbing now, soft sobs of increasing ecstasy. She drew her knees back toward her tits, running her hand underneath, caressing the revealed roundness of one cheek. Bobby stared at his mother's crotch, seeing not only her hairy, glistening-cunt, but the tight pucker of her asshole. His cock was so big so hard he could hardly stand it.

"Oh! Oh!" Barbara moaned. "Ohhhh! Ahhhh… ooooo!"

Bobby watched his mother rubbing at the tight hole between the cheeks of her ass, then up to her pussy. Barbara plunged two stiff fingers into her cunt, fucked herself frantically; then rubbed at her asshole again. To Bobby it seemed as if his mother couldn't make up her mind where to touch.

Barbara's fingers moved from her asshole to her cunt, alternately. Her uplifted ass was twisting, twirling, and she made hot sobbing sounds. He wasn't sure whether she was in pain or what. He had never seen anything like this in his young life before. All Bobby knew was it excited him, made his cock hard.

He had no idea girls played with themselves like boys. Watching his mother was more exciting than playing with his cock – or even peeking at Cindy when she pissed.

The groans and grunts his mother was making were loud now, and her body was shaking. She was running two fingers in and out of her cunt in a manner that looked painful to Bobby. Her ass lifted higher yet, and Barbara began to make squealing sounds, hissing and gasping. She had the fingers of her other hand around her exposed tit, squeezing it hard, making her long nipple bulge up.

Suddenly, Barbara rammed her fingers deep, holding them there, her ass not moving.

Then she seemed to have a seizure of some kind. Every inch of her body shivered, then trembled. Finally, her body was shaking violently. She made a scream, a soft scream. Her cunt clutched at her buried fingers; the spasms of ecstasy making her mind whirl. Bobby saw his mother's cunt squeezing the fingers like a milking fist. He didn't know what was happening, but someplace in his young mind, he knew that his mother was experiencing the greatest of all pleasures. He knew she was coming.

He was fascinated, he felt frozen to the floor. His eyes were enormous as he watched; his cock very close to gushing in his pants. The feeling was the same as when he jacked off, only better.

As she came, Barbara screamed softly. "Yes, yes! Ohhh, yes!" Her ass gave a final shiver, then lowered to the bed. She left her fingers inside her cunt a while longer. Then, with her eyes still closed, she removed them. Bobby almost made a cry as he saw his mother bring her wet fingers up and her long tongue lick at the wetness. Then Barbara plunged her fingers into her mouth, darting them in and out. She sucked the cunt juices from them, sighing as she lowered her legs, her knees still parted wide.

"Ohhh!" Barbara moaned as she pulled her fingers from her mouth.

She started to sit up, her eyes finally opening. Bobby didn't notice; he was gazing with fascinated pleasure at his mother's hairy cunt.

"Bobby!" Barbara gasped, clamping her knees tight and jerking her dress down.

Bobby yelped, turned, and ran fast.


After her initial shock wore off, Barbara didn't feel ashamed of what she had done nor of her son watching her. She wondered how long he had been watching. He certainly had been in the doorway long enough to watch her come.

She moved to the dresser, taking a brush and running it through her hair. Her dark eyes were sparkling and her body felt good. She didn't even wonder why she felt guiltless. She felt no shame whatsoever. If her son had watched her finger fuck, there wasn't anything she could do about it. He had seen her, and that was all there was to it.

She grinned at her reflection. She had seen the bulge of his cock, outlined by his pants. Her son had gotten a hard-on watching her. The fact that Bobby had become excited and his cock had turned hard told her she had not shocked him much. His cock would not have been hard if he had not enjoyed watching.

She found her son in the living room, sitting in the lounge chair, leaning back in it. He was staring at the television, but his eyes didn't seem to be seeing anything. She glanced at the front of his pants and saw his cock was still very hard, outlined inside the pants. Her tongue moved across her bottom lip, and she walked past him and into the kitchen.

Bobby watched his mother's back as she went toward the kitchen, his eyes on the swell of her ass cheeks. Although her ass was covered by her dress, he saw it as he had in her room – naked, lifted up, the cheeks spread, the crinkle of her ass, her hairy cunt. He gripped his cock through his pants, squeezing it hard.

As his mother came back into the living room, he jerked his hand away, but Barbara had seen it. She sat on the couch across from him, her eyes on him. Bobby squirmed beneath his mother's steady gaze. He made an attempt to conceal his outlined hard-on but there wasn't anything he could do about it.

Barbara wondered about her son. She knew he could become excited seeing her, knew his cock would get hard. She wondered if he played with his cock, if he could squirt creamy come juice, if he had hair on his balls, if he wanted to fuck, a girl; fuck Cindy, perhaps.

Barbara was not shy. Barbara didn't mince words. She was blunt and straightforward. But she had never been that way with Bobby.

"Does Cindy pee all the time near the fence?" she asked, startling Bobby. For a moment Bobby didn't answer.

Barbara was pleased to see that her son didn't blush nor seem uncomfortable. He nodded.

"How often?"


"Have you ever peeked at her?"

Again Bobby waited a moment before answering. Then he nodded, still not showing embarrassment. Barbara smiled.

"You know what I think, Bobby? I think Cindy does it because she wants you to peek."

"Aw, Mother," Bobby said. "I don't think so. She told me not to peek."

"Then she wants you to," Barbara said. "That's how girls are."

Bobby didn't reply. He tried to watch the television, but all he saw was his mother's naked ass, churning about the bed, her finger stuffed into her cunt, the sounds she made.

Seeing that her son wasn't embarrassed by this talk, Barbara said: "Do you enjoy watching Cindy pee, Bobby?"

"Yes, Mother," he responded, his cock throbbing.

"You like to see a girl pee, huh?" This time Barbara grinned wickedly at her son. "Does it make you feel good, seeing Cindy pee?"

Bobby looked at his mother now. He saw the beauty of her face, the dark eyes, the strange way they seemed to sparkle. He dropped his eyes to her tits, seeing them swell and strain her dress. Barbara slowly lifted her shoulders, making her tits stand out. Her nipples protruded from the dress. She was still smiling with a wicked glint in her eyes. While Bobby stared at her tits, she was looking at the front of his pants, seeing his cock outlined in hardness. ...

Adults only 18+
All rights belong to the author: Kathy Andrews.
This is a short fragment for review the book. The full version can be purchased in the store.