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Moms the best sucker
Mom_s the best sucker

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Mom_s the best sucker

Kathy Andrews

Erotic, Sex

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Kathy Andrews Mom_s the best sucker CHAPTER ONE Carol Taylor lifted her feet and placed them on the back of the front seat. The open convertible allowed the full heat of the sun to burn on her already-golden flesh, her dark-blonde hair flying back from her head. The car wasn't moving, but parked in a clump of trees. There was no one else with her. She liked being alone, but not all the time. Sometimes she liked being with someone, but she had no one to be with. Not now, since her divorce. She had her son, Roger but he was still a little boy and besides he had his own friends. Resting her head on the back seat, she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to drift as it usually did when she was alone. By herself, she could pretend, act anyway she liked. She would not be disturbed here in the pine forest, and she could allow her fantasies to run free without fear of being caught. Carol fantasized a great deal. She fantasized about anything and...