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Moms hot threesome
Mom_s hot threesome

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Mom_s hot threesome

Kathy Andrews

Erotic, Sex

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Kathy Andrews Mom_s hot threesome CHAPTER ONE Heat always made Peggy feel sexy and aroused. The sun, coming through the windshield of her Mustang convertible, sent thrilling sensations throughout her body. It was difficult to drive when she was aroused. Her thighs felt hot and her titties became hard. The tingling between her thighs made her want to press them together, to rub and twist, feel the pressure upon her cunt and clit. She felt the crazy desire to open her blouse, let her tits be free and deliciously naked. She would, she thought, if not for her son and daughter sleeping in the back seat. There was the possibility one of them would wake up and see her. She had slipped her skirt almost into her lap, letting the sun hit directly on her thighs. It felt good, very good. There was little traffic on the highway. It was early afternoon, and lunch was over an hour ago. She could drive for three or maybe four more hours before they would...