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Kathy Andrews
Mom_s hot threesome


Heat always made Peggy feel sexy and aroused.

The sun, coming through the windshield of her Mustang convertible, sent thrilling sensations throughout her body. It was difficult to drive when she was aroused. Her thighs felt hot and her titties became hard. The tingling between her thighs made her want to press them together, to rub and twist, feel the pressure upon her cunt and clit. She felt the crazy desire to open her blouse, let her tits be free and deliciously naked.

She would, she thought, if not for her son and daughter sleeping in the back seat. There was the possibility one of them would wake up and see her. She had slipped her skirt almost into her lap, letting the sun hit directly on her thighs. It felt good, very good.

There was little traffic on the highway. It was early afternoon, and lunch was over an hour ago. She could drive for three or maybe four more hours before they would stop for the night. It was pleasant to drive in the warm afternoon, with the sun on her body, in the quietness of the car with the radio playing softly.

Glancing back at her son and daughter, she smiled. Every summer they spent with their father created a loneliness in Peggy, a loneliness that lasted until she picked them up a few weeks before school began. She was always happy to have them back. Her son, Ricky, looked so handsome as he slept, with his brown hair in his eyes. He was growing up, she realized, getting to be quite a big boy. Still boyish, with all those mysterious things that young boys were interested in, Peggy wondered if her son had discovered his cock yet. She wondered if he had discovered he could do things with his cock besides piss with it. The image of her son, his cock hard, fist wrapped around it, jacking off happily, made her smile. She wondered if he was getting hair on his little balls, and then found herself wondering what his young balls looked like.

A soft moan came from her as she felt a puckering of her cunt. Her clit seemed to be straining with hardness now. Sliding her left hand from the wheel and to her lap, she felt her pussy. The nylon panties were getting moist. Smiling as she drove, Peggy rubbed lightly upon her clit, opening her legs.

Peggy's cunt responded to her fingers, bringing a soft murmur from her lips. Playing with herself was enjoyable. She played with her pussy and titties often, letting her mind flow with beautiful, erotic images. Sometimes she would tease herself a long time before bringing on her orgasm, and sometimes she came very fast. Either way, Peggy loved that thrilling sensation of coming, the way her cunt tightened and clutched and gripped with delicious spasms.

The urge to shove her hand into her panties and fondle her silken cunt-hair, to slide the edge of her finger up and down her now-rigid clit, was very strong. Glancing down, she saw her nipples protruding against her thin, white blouse. This close, she could see the darker circles of her nipples through the blouse.

Lifting her hand from her cunt, she opened the two upper buttons, seeing the creamy swell of her tits now. Slipping her hand into her blouse, Peggy caressed her tit, cupping the firmness, giving herself a gentle squeeze. She thumbed her nipple, making it tingle sweetly. With an impish giggle, she pulled one side of her blouse open, exposing her tit for a brief moment, wondering what someone would think if they happened to pass at just that time.

They would think she was a lone woman in a car playing with her own tit, that's what they would think. She giggled again as she covered her tit. The soft moan from the back seat caused her to glance into the rear-view mirror. She saw the blonde head of her daughter.

Carolyn was still half asleep as she sat up in the rear. Peggy saw her push her brother into a different position, and Ricky never woke up. Carolyn leaned against the seat, eyes closed again, going off to sleep once more swiftly.

Turning to look back, Peggy saw her daughter's skirt was hiked up, and her long, slender thighs showed. They were lovely thighs, well-shaped, with a smooth texture to the skin. Seeing her daughter's thighs made Peggy wonder about Carolyn as she had with her son. Carolyn was two years older than Ricky, and remembering herself at that age, Carolyn surely had hair on her young cunt. Maybe not much, but hair just the same. She wondered if Carolyn ever touched her pussy, played with it, perhaps shoving a finger inside and working it back and forth. She was certain Carolyn had not been fucked yet.

Peggy recalled she had been Carolyn's age when she was fucked that first time. Like most girls, she had been apprehensive about a cock sliding into her cunt, worried about pain. But she had been pleasantly surprised that there had been no pain, only a stretching, filling sensation that was so sweet, she had almost swooned with pleasure. She tried to remember how hairy her cunt had been then, but couldn't. All she could remember about that was the way her cunt had tingled and throbbed for a week after that cock had filled it.

Her daughter shifted positions again, and once more Peggy glanced back. Carolyn's legs were spread open, and the crotch of her tight, white panties showed. Peggy's eyes widened and became a bit glassy as she stared at that sweetness. Her tongue moved over her lips as she drew her eyes back to the highway. Her left hand moved into her open blouse again, cupping her tit. She writhed her ass on the seat, her cunt on fire now. She felt as if she would come any time.

She kept glancing into the rear seat, her eyes seeing the crotch of her daughter's panties. She tried to see the shadow of Carolyn's cunt-hair, but saw nothing. Maybe it was so blonde, it didn't show, Peggy thought.

She drove carefully, the car slowing because she couldn't keep her mind on driving. She kept looking back over her shoulder, wishing Carolyn would spread her legs farther apart. Ricky was sprawled on the other side of the car seat, and Peggy realized if her son opened his eyes, he too, could see his sister's panties.

Being excited by the view of Carolyn's panties was not strange to Peggy. When she was younger, Peggy had been seduced by an exceptionally lovely woman in her twenties. The woman had been in a public restroom when Peggy entered, and her eyes had followed the curvy little body of Peggy. At the time, Peggy had been hot, and was searching for privacy to rub her cunt to orgasm. Whether it showed in her eyes, or whether the lovely woman had insight, Peggy never knew.

Sitting on the toilet, Peggy had been in such a hurry to come, she failed to slide the lock into place. She had lifted her dress and pulled her panties to one side, and began to rub and finger her cunt immediately. She leaned back, opening her legs wide, and while holding the crotch of her panties to one side, had used the fingers of her other hand to rub her cunt, sticking her middle finger into it. The feeling was so good, she had closed her eyes, breathing hotly.

The woman had simply pushed the door of the stall open and stood watching Peggy finger-fucking herself. Sensing she was being watched, Peggy opened her eyes and gasped.

"Let me do that for you, honey," the woman had said in a soft voice.

Peggy was so overcome with passion, she didn't care.

The woman entered the stall, locking the door behind her. Kneeling before Peggy, she had caressed Peggy's slender thighs, fondled her hips and small titties. Peggy had said nothing while the woman was with her, but watched everything. The woman shoved her mouth to Peggy's crotch, licking at the panties. Finally she had pulled them to one side and lapped at Peggy's clit, swirling her tongue about, sucking on it with soft, hot lips. The woman's tongue, a very long tongue, slithered into Peggy's cunt, stabbing in and out. Peggy had twisted and whimpered with delight, gripping the side of the toilet tightly, her eyes open, glazed with ecstasy. When the woman licked her tongue up and down the slit of Peggy's cunt, swirling fast about her clit, Peggy had come, the orgasm bursting hotly against the woman's sucking mouth. The woman then started to pull back, but Peggy had sobbed softly, grabbing the back of the woman's head and forcing her fiery young cunt back to her lips.

The woman sucked her cunt again, making Peggy come two more times.

Getting to her feet, lips glistening and eyes misty with pleasure, the woman had said, "I wish we had more time, honey. You have such a sweet little cunt. And you're such a hot little thing. I could suck your pussy for hours!"

Peggy opened her blouse to feel the heat of the sun on it, carefully driving as she remembered that day. It was the first time anyone, boy or girl, had sucked her cunt, and she loved it. By then, she had fucked four different boys, but none of them had kissed her pussy, nor had they suggested she suck their cocks. Perhaps they had all been so young, but whatever the cause, no one had sucked Peggy's cunt until that day in the restroom.

Driving with her tit exposed now, Peggy slipped her left hand between her thighs, finding her panties almost drenched with pussy-juices.

Before the lovely woman left, Peggy had asked if she would show her cunt to her. The woman was more than willing, and she had lifted her dress and pushed her panties down. That was the first time Peggy had seen bikini panties on a woman. She had seen them in stores, but never on anyone. She thought they were so frilly and fragile and pretty. The woman parted her legs, stretching her panties just above her knees, and let Peggy see her cunt. It was the hairiest thing Peggy had seen. The woman had to part her long, soft cunt-hair to show the wet slit of her cunt.

Never having seen a cunt other than her own, Peggy had been fascinated by it. The woman let her touch it, feel of it, and Peggy was working up the courage to ask if she could kiss it. But the woman was in a hurry. She scribbled her name and phone number on a piece of paper, handing it to Peggy.

"Call me later, honey," she had said. "We can spend more time together. You have the sweetest little cunt I've ever licked."

But Peggy had never used the phone number. She had been afraid to use it. Not of the woman, not of getting sucked, not of maybe tasting that hairy cunt herself, but because of getting caught.

So she never had the opportunity to put her face between a woman's thighs, nor did she ever get licked by a woman since. But Peggy had fantasized about it all these years, wishing she had called.

By the time she married, Peggy had fucked, by her count, sixteen different boys. And not one of them licked her pussy.

The first time she tasted a cock was on her wedding night.

She had not really wanted to do it. She was willing to take it into her mouth, suck on it, lick it and play with it, but her new husband wanted to come in her mouth. Peggy wasn't sure about that. She had seen boys come before, and the fuck-juice had not looked all that appetizing to her.

But her husband forced it on her.

He had fucked his cock into her mouth and made her suck it. She had enjoyed that part, dreading the moment he would squirt into her mouth. He had held the back of her head so she couldn't get away, and as his cock grew harder and thicker, the throbs more powerful, Peggy knew he was going to come in her mouth. She tried to pull away, but he held her tightly, and fucked her mouth vigorously, then shot his hot, thick fuck-juices into her mouth.

To her surprise, it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

It was hot and thick, yet the taste was so exotic, so exciting, she had swallowed, but she would never let her husband know she enjoyed it. Over the next few years, she always made him force her to suck his cock off, pretending she hated it.

The divorce came about due to reasons other than money or sex. They just grew apart, it seemed. She was still friendly with her ex-husband, and he always made sure she had plenty of money for herself, Carolyn and Ricky.

Since the divorce, Peggy was more interested in sex than ever in her life. She could have fucked her ex-husband, but she refused. She could have had boyfriends, but she refused. She remained alone with Ricky and Carolyn, satisfying her cravings to some extent with her finger at night. She had found a measure of satisfaction in her erotic fantasies, but as usual with such self-stimulation, it was never enough to truly give her gratification.

Sliding her hand farther under her skirt and into the waist of her bikini panties, Peggy tried to concentrate on driving and producing an orgasm at the same time. It was very difficult, because she was a wiggler, her ass twisting and thrashing about.

Glancing over shoulder again, she saw that her daughter had slumped down on the seat, causing her skirt to climb. She could now see the way her daughter's succulent cunt was outlined by the tight panties. Peggy moaned softly, pressing at her own clit, trying to keep her eye on the road and see her daughter at the same time.

"It's so hot, Mother."

Carolyn's voice startled Peggy.

She jerked her hand from her panties quickly, pulling her blouse over her exposed tit. Her head swung around.

"I thought you were sleeping," she said, her voice slightly husky.

"It's too hot," Carolyn complained. "Turn on the air-conditioner, will you, please?"

Peggy flicked the switches, and cool air filled the car.

Carolyn leaned her head on the front seat, staring through the window at the road, her eyes still sleepy. She glanced at her mother's thighs. With a sigh, Carolyn sat back again.

Ricky was sprawled on his back, his head at an awkward angle, one leg on the seat, the other on the floorboard.

Carolyn giggled suddenly.

"Something funny?" Peggy asked.

"You should look at Ricky, Mother."

"What's wrong with Ricky?" Peggy asked, swinging her head about to glance at her son.

Carolyn pointed. "See?"

Peggy's breath caught in her throat. Her son had a hard-on. It was pressing against his jeans, long and hard. She could see the size of it, and she was surprised. The car wobbled, and she looked ahead, but just as quickly she turned to look at his protruding cock again. Carolyn was gazing at it, too, her blue eyes sparkling, a smile on her sweet mouth.

"I wonder what Ricky is dreaming about," Carolyn said. "Must be a wild dream, huh, Mother?"

"You shouldn't look at your brother that way," Peggy, said, wanting to stare at him. "He can't help it when he's asleep."

"I like it," Carolyn said unexpectedly.

"Carolyn!" Peggy gasped.

"Well, I do," Carolyn replied, pouting cutely. "I bet he plays with it a lot, don't you, Mother?"

"God, where did I ever get such a daughter?" Peggy asked, rolling her eyes.

"Same place you got a son, I'd say," Carolyn replied, laughing softly. "I'd think you'd know at your age, Mother."

"Pull your dress down," Peggy said. "What if your brother woke up and saw you that way?"

"I don't care," Carolyn said. "It's so damned hot in here, I wish I could take my clothes off."

Peggy wished the same thing, but for a different reason. "It will be very cool in just a little while."

"Are we going to stop for the night?" Carolyn asked.

"It would be best," Peggy replied. "We've got a long ways to go, and I hate driving in the darkness."

"Do I get a room by myself this time?" Carolyn asked.

"Of course not," Peggy smiled. "You're still a little girl, you know. You can sleep in the same room with us."

"But Ricky might see me."

"I think your brother has seen you enough. It's for sure he'd see you if you don't push your dress down."

"Aw, I don't care," Carolyn said, leaning back again, lifting one long leg and propping her foot on the back of the front seat. "I don't care if he does see me."

Peggy fell silent. Her cunt was steaming. She had been close to orgasm when her daughter woke up, and her clit was still throbbing. But she could do nothing unless Carolyn went back to sleep. And it didn't look as if she was.

Glancing in the rear-view mirror, she noticed that her daughter was facing Ricky. The idea that Carolyn was gazing at her brother's hard-on sent a shivering feeling through her. Could it be possible that her daughter would like to see it out of his pants? Was it possible that Carolyn wanted to touch it, play with it?

Peggy trembled with a strange excitement, wondering what it would be like to hold her son's cock in her own hand, to stroke it and jerk it, maybe jack him off and watch his come-juice squirt out…


Peggy located a good motel early.

They checked in, hung up clothing so they wouldn't become wrinkled, then took turns bathing. There was a color television in the room and two double beds. ...

Adults only 18+
All rights belong to the author: Kathy Andrews.
This is a short fragment for review the book. The full version can be purchased in the store.