Im in Marsport without Hilda
I’m in Marsport without Hilda

Year of publication: 1957

I’m in Marsport without Hilda

Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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I’m in Marsport without Hilda by Isaac Asimov It worked itself out, to begin with, like a dream. I didn’t have to make any arrangement. I didn’t have to touch it. I just watched things work out.—Maybe that’s when I should have first smelled catastrophe. It began with my usual month’s layoff between assignments. A month on and a month off is the right and proper routine for the Galactic Service. I reached Marsport for the usual three-day layover before the short hop to Earth. Ordinarily, Hilda, God bless her, as sweet a wife as any man ever had, would be there waiting for me and we’d have a nice sedate time of it—a nice little interlude for the two of us. The only trouble with that is that Marsport is the rowdiest spot in the System, and a nice little interlude isn’t exactly what fits in. Only, how do I explain that to Hilda, hey? Well, this time, my mother-in-law, God bless her (for a change) got sick just two days before I reached Marsport, and the night...

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