The Dying Night
The Dying Night

Year of publication: 1956

The Dying Night

Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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The Dying Night by Isaac Asimov Part 1 It was almost a class reunion, and though it was marked by joylessness, there was no reason as yet to think it would be marred by tragedy. Edward Talliaferro, fresh from the Moon and without his gravity legs yet, met the other two in Stanley Kaunas’s room. Kaunas rose to greet him in a subdued manner. Battersley Ryger merely sat and nodded. Talliaferro lowered his large body carefully to the couch, very aware of its unusual weight. He grimaced a little, his plump lips twisting inside the rim of hair that surrounded his mouth on lip, chin, and cheek. They had seen one another earlier that day under more formal conditions. Now for the first time they were alone, and Talliaferro said, “This is a kind of occasion. We’re meeting for the first time in ten years. First time since graduation, in fact.” Ryger’s nose twitched. It had been broken shortly before that same graduation and he had received his degree in...

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