The Ugly Little Boy
The Ugly Little Boy

Year of publication: 1958

The Ugly Little Boy

Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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The Ugly Little Boy by Isaac Asimov Edith Fellowes smoothed her working smock as she always did before opening the elaborately locked door and stepping across the invisible dividing line between the is and the is not. She carried her notebook and her pen although she no longer took notes except when she felt the absolute need for some report. This time she also carried a suitcase. (“Games for the boy,” she had said, smiling, to the guard—who had long since stopped even thinking of questioning her and who waved her on.) And, as always, the ugly little boy knew that she had entered and came running to her, crying, “Miss Fellowes—Miss Fellowes—” in his soft, slurring way. “Timmie,” she said, and passed her hand over the shaggy, brown hair on his misshapen little head. “What’s wrong?” He said, “Will Jerry be back to play again? I’m sorry about what happened.” “Never mind that now, Timmie. Is that why you’ve been crying?” He looked away. “Not just about...

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