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A flash of Moms flesh
A flash of Mom_s flesh

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A flash of Mom_s flesh

Kathy Andrews

Erotic, Sex

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Kathy Andrews A flash of Mom_s flesh CHAPTER ONE After getting the money from the instant teller machine, Sarah felt an irresistible impulse to lift her dress. It was night, but the front of the bank was well lit, and the parking area of the shopping center was filled with cars. She looked around, a flush on her face, a flush of embarrassment and excitement. Why she had this sudden urge to lift her dress and expose herself, she didn't know. She had never wanted to do that before. Her hands shook as she stuffed her money into her purse. She stood a moment, facing the machine, eyes closed as she breathed deeply. Her hands trembled on her hips and thighs, and her fingers began to inch her dress upward. She was afraid to turn around, afraid she would be face to face with someone watching her. Yet she continued to lift her skirt, slowly. When it was an inch or two above her knees, she felt a burning wetness inside her panties. The lips of her cunt...

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