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Horse-loving farm wives
Horse-loving farm wives

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Horse-loving farm wives

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Horse-loving farm wives CHAPTER ONE Brenda Tucker liked to ride bareback. Brenda was a nubile young teenager and she loved to feel her crotch slide around on the horse's back. She could get her rocks off that way, creaming her jeans and lathering the horse's broad back. Zeus seemed to like it, too. Zeus was a stallion. Brenda was riding down the lane that led away from the farm where she lived. Many of the farmhouses in the neighborhood had been modernized and converted into country homes for people from the city, but Brenda lived on a proper working farm, with harvests and animals. She had little respect for the newcomers, the city slickers. But she had a lot of respect for the stallion, especially for his mighty prick. Brenda was fond of pricks. Now she leaned limberly sideways, one fist clutching the horse's mane, and gazed under the animal. Sure enough, his cock was starting to stiffen. The girl smiled impishly. She had been pretty sure that the stallion would...

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