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Virgin for horses
Virgin for horses

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Virgin for horses

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Virgin for horses CHAPTER ONE "Wanna come play with my doggy?" Marylou Carter smiled in a strange way, when she made that suggestion, but Rachel Germain didn't know what the older girl meant. It seemed totally out of context to Rachel. The two teenagers had just been talking about boys and fucking, and the conversation had gotten Rachel horny. Rachel was an innocent young teenaged virgin and Marylou, also a teenager, was a lot more experienced. Marylou had been telling the younger girl about some of the boys she had fucked with, relating a lot of juicy detail. She had even confessed to being a cock-sucker, which had really thrilled Rachel. Why, out of the blue, should Marylou have changed the subject from fucking boys to a thing like playing with a dog? "You mean like throwing sticks for him to fetch and stuff like that?" asked Rachel. Marylou giggled. "Not quite," she said. "I don't get it." "Gee, you really are...

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