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A peek at her dog act
A peek at her dog act

Sequence of author: Pet book(№268)

A peek at her dog act

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane A peek at her dog act CHAPTER ONE Judy Sutton liked to jerk off dogs. Judy was 18-years-old, pert, nubile and popular. In most ways she was perfectly normal, and her sex life was energetic. She had three fairly steady boyfriends, all of whom she fucked regularly, and once in awhile she would go to a single's bar and get picked up by some well-hung stranger for a bit of variation. Since Judy therefore had all the fucking that she needed, it wasn't a case of frustration that led to her fixation with dog prick. She simply liked to pull a dog's cock. The dogs liked it, too. Judy had first found out that it was fun to masturbate dogs when she was younger and still a virgin – barely since she had finger-fucked some. The dog had been the family pet, a Labrador Retriever with an affectionate nature. One day the girl had noticed that the Labby had a hard-on. The hard prick had intrigued her. She knew all about hard-ons from her heavy...

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