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Daughter and the dogs
Daughter and the dogs

Sequence of author: Pet book(№288)

Daughter and the dogs

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Daughter and the dogs CHAPTER ONE Pretty little Linda Preston hotly jerked her dog's erect prick on her bed as she listened to her mother getting fucked in the next room. A bathroom separated the bedrooms, but Linda could hear everything going on in her mother's room. It was after midnight and Myra Preston had brought home another man. Linda's mom often brought men home from the bars she frequented. Sometimes, the man would be gone before Linda awoke the next morning. Sometimes the man would stay for days, drinking and laughing with Myra by day and fucking her by night. Ever since Linda's dad had run off with a cocktail waitress, her mom had become a gorgeous, shapely cock-hound. Now that she was a teenager, Linda patterned herself after her beautiful mom. What Myra like, Linda liked. And she often got very horny as she listened to some guy fucking her mother's hungry pussy. She usually jerked off her dog, Rex, as she listened to...

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