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Sisters loving pets
Sister_s loving pets

Sequence of author: Pet book(№292)

Sister_s loving pets

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Sister_s loving pets CHAPTER ONE Pretty Cindy Watkins leaned in the doorway of her sister-in-law's home and peered sadly through the screen door at the sprawling countryside. Cindy didn't like the country. She heaved a sigh and wished she hadn't had to come here to her brother's house on summer vacation. She pushed her lower lip out and pouted. Her brother Bill and his wife Ellen were all right, but they were in their twenties and married. They had each other. Cindy felt alone and abandoned at the moment. "Some vacation," she murmured, and her bright blue eyes saw no beauty in the rolling fields and rustic dirt road. She missed all her school friends back in the bustling city where the action was. She knew there were no boys around her for miles. She had vacationed here last year and had been bored stiff for three weeks. With her brother working in town twelve miles away, her only companion was her sister-in-law Ellen, and Cindy...

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