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Donkey raped daughter
Donkey raped daughter

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Donkey raped daughter

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Donkey raped daughter CHAPTER ONE The dark-haired girl with the big tits was getting her ass fucked off by a donkey. It was happening in a barn and there was a circle of interested men standing around, observing the spectacle. Most of the men were small, dark types with big, wide-brimmed hats. Their eyes were bulging out – and so were the fronts of their pants. They grabbed at their swollen pricks in desperation and their mouths hung wide open in awe – and in respect for a girl who could take a donkey's prick. She even seemed to be enjoying the fucking. Two of the watchers were tall, blond-haired men. They were enjoying the sight, too. They were Billy Watson and Hank Suchard, oil men from Texas, and when they had heard about the donkey show they'd figured it would be a sight worth seeing – and they were certainly getting their money's worth. The best part of it was that the girl was not some old worn-out slut, but a young nubile...

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