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Hot for horses
Hot for horses

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Hot for horses

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Hot for horses CHAPTER ONE As soon as she got the dog back to her apartment, Melanie Reingold began to play with his prick. Melanie had never fucked a Dalmatian before and she was eager to make it with the big black-and-white brute. But the dog didn't seem to understand what it was all about, at first. He looked more puzzled than aroused when the girl began stroking his cock. He had a nice big cock, and it began to pulsate in her hand, but his prick wasn't getting hard fast enough to suit the horny girl. She figured that the Dalmatian had probably never fucked a woman before, and was confused. Melanie had fucked a good many dogs, of various breeds, in her young life. And she had never yet had one of the beasts turn her down, but sometimes they knew what it was all about and sometimes they had to be taught new tricks. The Dalmatian seemed to be one of the latter. Melanie supposed that he must be owned by a man – or that if he was...

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