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Animal farm orgy
Animal farm orgy

Sequence of author: Pet book(№267)

Animal farm orgy

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Animal farm orgy CHAPTER ONE Reverend James Walker had been the minister in the rural community of Woods Fork for the past six years, and both he and his wife, Abby, were highly thought of by the congregation. Standing on the church steps talking to some of his church members, one Sunday after the services were over, he was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the conversation. Pretty little Marci Wilks was standing with the morning sun behind her, and her sexy young figure was deliciously silhouetted through the thin material of her Sunday dress. The outline of the youngster's shapely legs was making the man's cock throb wildly in his pants. Reverend Walker had enjoyed sexual favors with many of the more attractive women in his flock, but the one girl he wanted to fuck most of all was this cute youngster. The man knew it was mad to want to fuck this teenager, but he'd been secretly lusting for her cunt ever since she first...