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Horny like Mom
Horny like Mom

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Horny like Mom

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Horny like Mom CHAPTER ONE Sally Knox hurried up the companionway of the ship, her shapely bare legs moving deliciously beneath the short skirt of her uniform. At the age, of nineteen, the sensationally beautiful redhead was the youngest cruise director on any ship in the Caribbean. She had started as an assistant about ten months ago, but right after she gave Captain Brenner a blow-job for the first time, she was immediately promoted to the position of director. Sally just loved her job and all the fringe benefits that came with it. The horny girl looked upon the cruise ship as a huge floating motel with hundreds of staterooms, and beds in all of them. With the passengers constantly in a festive mood, Sally always spent her off duty time indiscriminately hopping in and out of men's beds. The pretty girl had never been able to get as much fucking as she needed, but these cruises were the closest thing to it. Sally had earned her...