Gilded Latten Bones
Gilded Latten Bones

ISBN: 9781101454589
Year of publication: 2010
Sequence of author: Garrett p.i.(№13)

Gilded Latten Bones

Glen Cook

Detective science fiction

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Glen Cook Gilded Latten Bones 1 For a long time it always started with a beautiful woman at the door, sometimes in the middle of the night. That had ended. Good things do. I wasn't in that racket anymore. There was only one beautiful woman for me. She was on my side of the door already. Tinnie Tate. Tinnie had wreaked all sorts of changes in my life. Tinnie had the word out: Garrett, that most marvelous specimen of former Marine, was no longer one of TunFaire's serious players, however you cared to define that term. Mama Garrett's boy was now devoutly monogamous. He reserved his vast professional acumen for the benefit of the Weider brewing empire and, more importantly, for that of the Amalgamated Manufacturing Combine. The man hadn't hit the mean streets in a rat's age. Which was pleasing to many and unpopular with a much smaller crowd. Bottom-feeders and parasites really liked the new Garrett. He was out of their lives. The reverse was true...

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