Goat Song
Goat Song

Year of publication: 1972

Goat Song

Poul Anderson

Science fiction

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Goat Song by Poul Anderson Three women: one is dead; one is alive; One is both and neither, and will never live and never die, being immortal in SUM. On a hill above that valley through which runs the highroad, I await Her passage. Frost came early this year, and the grasses have paled. Otherwise the slope is begrown with blackberry bushes that have been harvested by men and birds, leaving only briars, and with certain apple trees. They are very old, those trees, survivors of an orchard raised by generations which none but SUM now remembers (I can see a few fragments of wall thrusting above the brambles)—scattered crazily over the hillside and as crazily gnarled. A little fruit remains on them. Chill across my skin, a gust shakes loose an apple. I hear it knock on the earth, another stroke of sonic eternal clock. The shrubs whisper to the wind. Elsewhere the ridges around me are wooded, alive with scarlets and brasses and bronzes. The sky is huge, the...

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