Rulers of the Darkness
Rulers of the Darkness

Sequence of author: Darkness(№4)

Rulers of the Darkness

Harry Turtledove


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Harry Turtledove Rulers of the Darkness "Dramatis Personae” (* shows viewpoint character) Algarve Almonio Constable in Gromheort Ambaldo Colonel of dragonfliers in southern Unkerlant Baiardo Mage attached to Plegmund's Brigade Balastro Marquis; minister to Zuwayza Bembo* Constable in Gromheort Carietto Brigadier in Trapani Domiziano Captain of dragonfliers in southern Unkerlant Ercole Senior lieutenant with Plegmund's Brigade Fronesia Woman at court in Trapani Frontino Warder in Tricarico Gastable Mage in Gromheort Gismonda Sabrino's wife in Trapani Gradasso Lurcanio's adjutant in Priekule Lurcanio Colonel on occupation duty in Priekule Mainardo Mezentio's brother; King of Jelgava Malindo Scholar in Trapani Mezentio King of Algarve Oraste Constable in Gromheort Orosio Captain of dragonfliers in southern Unkerlant Pesaro Constabulary sergeant in Gromheort Raniero...

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