The Sharing of Flesh
The Sharing of Flesh

Year of publication: 1968

The Sharing of Flesh

Poul Anderson

Science fiction

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The Sharing of Flesh Poul Anderson Mora understood about guns. At least the tall strangers had demonstrated to their guides what the things that each of them carried at his hip could do in a flash and a flameburst. But he did not realize that the small objects they often moved about in their hands, while talking in their own language, were audiovisual transmitters. Probably he thought they were fetishes. Thus, when he killed Donli Sairn, he did so in full view of Donli’s wife. That was happenstance. Except for prearranged times at morning and evening of the planet’s twenty-eight-hour day, the biologist, like his fellows, sent only to his computer. But because they had not been married long and were helplessly happy, Evalyth received his ’casts whenever she could get away from her own duties. The coincidence that she was tuned in at that one moment was not great. There was little for her to do. As militech of the expedition-she being from a half barbaric...

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